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Seville Routes by El Pedroso

El Pedroso - Constantina - Cazalla de la Sierra.

El Pedroso - Constantina (18 km). At El Pedroso we can travel the Arroyo de las Cañas route. To go to Constantina we take the A-452.

At a distance of 4 kms the recreational area La Jarosa will appear, next to Huesna Stream. The El Robledo Interpretation Centre, in the Sierra Norte Natural Park is one km before arriving at Constantina, where we can get all type of information on the Park.

In Constantina we can also go trekking, on the Los Castañares Route. Constantina - Cazalla de la Sierra (20 km) We’ll take the A-455 towards Cazalla de la Sierra, passing by once more Huesna Stream.

The Isla Margarita recreational area is near the railway station ( 8,5 kms from Cazalla de La Sierra) .

The Las Laderas path is taken from the city’s urban centre.

Length: 38 Km

Seville routes by car

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  • El Real de Jara
  • El Pedroso
  • Constantinha
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