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Jerez Gastronomy

Given the wide range of sherry wines made in Jerez there is no problem about finding the perfect sherry to accompany any dish, whatever the occasion, and precisely these wines,are usually used as an ingredient in numerous recipes, which help to make Jerez one of the best cities in Spain to eat out in.

Fino sherry and Manzanilla are known as the aperitifs drink but there unlimited possibilities with the whole range of sherry wines.

Fino and Manzanilla , the driest wines probably in the world have to be served well-chilled and of course are ideal as aperitifs , but there are also fantastic with tapas, fish and seafood.

The Amontillado style is ideal with soups , white meats , blue fish and strong cheeses. Medium dry sherry, has to be served slightly chilled and is thte perfect wine to accompany pat├ęs and quiches.

It is possible to taste this various gastronomy at numerous bars, restaurants, "tavernas", shellfish bars and refreshment stalls at beaches. A sample of local products:

FISH: Gilthead bream, "urta", bass, small soles, small whitings, dried salted tuna.
SEA FOOD: Prawns, Norway lobster, king prawns, claws
CHEESES AND SAUSAGES: with a great variety in the villages of the mountain range
VINOS and BRANDIES: Finos, Amontillados, Olorosos, Manzanillas, Dulces, Brandies.

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