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The horses of the "Baja Andalucía" have been admired since ancient times. The excellent pastures at the marshes and a good climate allowed to the breeding of these horses. Since the incorporation to the Castilian crown in 1264, these horses have been an important element in the life of the inhabitants of Jerez. It has also been a source of pride for those inhabitants to keep the monopoly of its breeding. Standing at the frontier with the kingdom of Granada, there were sports and festivals in which the horse was the star.

The aim of these events was to prepare them for the frontier fights Los "Monjes Cartujos" were in charge of creating one of the nicest breeds horses. This breed still exists. The descendents of this horse inherited the "Papillo and Verruga" that become a sign wanted by everybody .

The Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art was founded in Jerez in 1.973 on Álvaro Domecq´s initiative .The intention was to promote the horse breaking, to maintain the prestige of the local horsemanship to the development of new horseme. Its main quarters is in the palace of El Recreo de las Cadenas.

Nowadays the Cartujano horses has maintained 100% of the characteristics which make of them the most pure Spanish breed.

There are also more than forty horse livestocks in the area, a crossbreeding between the Arabic and the Spanish resistant and beautiful horse. These ones have really good aptitudes for saddling and bullfighting.

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