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Seville Stadium

Seville plays an important role in the international sporting world, and Seville and Sevillians are great sports lovers. The large number of sports events staged in Seville in recent years bears witness to the city's strong sporting spirit.

Seville has recently become a venue for major sports events, earning it the title of "City of Sport". The long list includes the World Indoor Athletics Championships in 1991, the World Outdoor Athletics Championships in 1999, European Handball Championships and the Fencing World Cup in 1996, the European Swimming Championships and the World Volleyball League in 1997, the World Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships in 1998, and the 25th FISA Master Regatta.

Seville Olympic Stadium

The construction of the La Cartuja Stadium has further enhanced the capacity of Seville to stage top-level matches. It has already been the venue for two Copa del Rey finals and the UEFA Cup final in May 2003, when Oporto defeated Glasgow Celtic.

Athletics is said to be the sport par excellence. Seville's sporting track record includes the World Outdoor Athletics Championships in 1999 and the World Indoor Athletics Championships in 1991. Michael Johnson broke the 400- metre world record at the La Cartuja Stadium with an extraordinary time of 43.21 seconds, a testimony to the excellent quality of the track. These events were the ultimate test of the city's skill and expertise in organising toplevel sports competitions in the eyes of international sports federations. The International Athletics Meetings staged in the city annually have witnessed memorable duels, such as the one between Carl Lewis and Ben Johnson.

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