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Olula de Castro - Rambla del Verdelecho

Olula de Castro - Rambla del Verdelecho . (5 h. aprox.)

This trekking route offers the possibility of contrasting the mountainous lanscape of the Sierra de los Filabres with the Tabernas desert, both very interesting.

Starting in Olula de Castro town we walk down towards the south along a track in order to arrive at our point of reference, the Barranco de los prados.

Then walking on down through it we shall reach the Verdelecho country estate, and from there the Rambla de Verdelecho, which crosses the whole desert,which is formed by gorges, cliffs, walls and brooks along a labyrinthine lay-out.

After having crossed the desert, the Rambla links up with the national road 324 which crosses Mini-Hollywood.

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