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Province of Almeria

Surface area: 8.774 Km2
Population: 635.850

City of Almeria:

Surface area: 296 Km2
Population: 170.000


Cabo de Gata in Almeria

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Almeria from my point of view

Sierra Nevada in Almeria

The wide range of natural areas, each with their own specific characteristics, is one of the main attractions of the province of Almería. In addition to the extensive and widely known Natural Parks of Sierra Nevada, Cabo de Gata-Nijar and Sierra Maria-Los Vélez, there are also spectacular natural areas in Almeria's Alpujarra. The following images are taken in the natural areas of Sierra Nevada and Cabo de Gata.

Almeria Cabo de Gata

More examples of these include the Sierra of Las Estancias, Gádor, and Los Filabres, which is considered the natural lung of Almería and contains the Astronomical Observatory of Calar Alto.

The Peñón del Negro, The Arroyo Verruga Shelter, and the Mirador of Las Víboras offer great views of the pinewoods over which fly numerous of birds of prey like the impressive Spanish imperial and booted eagles.

Spanish Imperial Eagle in Almeria

Cabrera-Bédar stretches along the coast with its extensive woods of helm oaks, cork trees and pines, a habitat where visitors can spot one of the last remaining examples of an endangered species: the spur-thighed tortoise. Bird lovers will undoubtedly enjoy the wetlands which are formed both by the estuary of the river Antas and the salt flats of Guardias Viejas.

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