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The university centres and buildings are located in various places in the urban area of Granada, giving the city its particular university style, since of the 270,000 inhabitants of the capital, 60,000 are university students. But Granada also fulfils other special requirements: historically it is the last redoubt of Islam in Western Europe (the Alhambra and the Generalife are samples of the splendour of this civilisation); Granada is also a Renaissance city (the Hospital Real or the Cathedral are only two examples of Granada's well-preserved historical heritage).

The University of Granada organises various activities directed towards in-service training at its Centro de Formación Continua. The centre's objective is to promote continuous training for professionals from very different fields and the specialisation of people who have just graduated, as well as to organise courses which can complement current students' studies.

During the summer, the University of Granada organises short courses aimed at university students and also postgraduates who are already working, who wish to update previously obtained knowledge or to specialise in various fields. These are intensive courses which take place:

- on the Granada coast - Almuñécar- and in other inland towns such as Guadix, Lanjarón or Santa Fe, organised by the University's Centro Mediterráneo.

- Ceuta and Melilla : courses connected with various areas of knowledge, held in the university centres of the University of Granada in the Spanish cities in North Africa.

- Sierra Nevada : Summer Courses held at the Sierra Nevada Ski Resort, the high-altitude University Hostel or the Centro de Alto Rendimiento Deportivo (High-Performance Sports Complex).

University of Granada:
Tel: 958 243 000,

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