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Costa Poniente Almeria

The area known as Poniente Almeriense or Western Almería is located where the mountains of The Alpujarras open up to the Mediterranean Sea. This ancient land is a cross between east and west and a balcony on the sea.

This area in the south west of the province of Almería has been visited by many peoples since the Antiquity, and combines the maritime nature of its coastline with a rural interior, around the mountain range of the Sierra de Gádor.

Places such as the town of Aguadulce, in Roquetas de Mar, the coastal villages around Adra, the dam of Benínar and the village of Enix show us that Western Almería remains a place where Europe and Africa are within reach of each other. These two continents have always been divided and brought together by the same sea, a silent witness to events such as the arrival of the Phoenicians in the 8th Century BC or the retreat of Boabdil, the last king of the Moorish reign of Al-Andalus, to North African shores.

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