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Almeria University

Universidad de Almeria is a public university created in July 1993 by the Parliament of Andalusia with the aim of being the "instrument of social transformation, to guide and help the development of economic, cultural and scientific Almeria society, providing the adequate and professional lessons that best suit their historical, economic and cultural profile".

University of Almeria

The core of the current University of Almeria was an old College, that was structured in 1989 as a University Campus and belonged to the University of Granada. According to Almeria University's law, there was established a transitional period (from 1993 to 1997) until the University of Almeria achieved full autonomy.

In April 1997 was established the Faculty, with the task of preparing the statutes of the University of Almeria which were approved in June 1998 and came into force at the end of 1999. At that time, the University of Almeria achieves full independence, being managed by its own government.

At present 29 degrees are taught at the Almeria University and has 681 teachers and 15,020 pupils. Its campus, located 7 kilometers from Almeria, stands on the seafront on the road linking Almeria with Cabo de Gata-Nijar, the sea-land natural park of Almeria.

University of Almeria (UAL)

Vice-Rectorship of International Relations Office
Carretera del Sacramento s/n - 04120 Almeria (Spain)
Official website of the University of Almeria
Tel.: + 34 950 015 046
Fax: + 34 950 015 384
Rector: Pedro Roque Molina García
Chief Cabinet Secretary: María Victoria López Soler

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