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Golf enthusiasts are to be congratulated upo reaching these lands. Almería is known for its large numbers of courses and clubs, as varied as they are unique.

Whichever part of the province you head for, you won´t be able to resist the templation to play a few rounds.

Horse riding

Horse riding, deeply rooted in the area as seen in the important role of these animals in folk festivals, is one of the easiest activities to find. One can choose to ride either on beaches or in the mountains.


Windurfers are a common sight as they cut through the waves of many Almerian beaches. However, if there is a single paredise for windsurfers, it can be found at the Ensenada de San Miguel near the town of El Ejido.


Popular water sports, like skiing and Jet Ski are best practiced in the quiet waters of Almería´s river coast.

Climbing, trekking and potholing

Those who most prefer risk sport will find their special corner in the climbing, trekking and potholing that can be carried out mainly in the caves of Almanzora and the Karst in Yesos de Sorbas.


Winter sport enthusiasts will find la Ragua Mountain Pass, in Sierra Nevada, to be the most favourable setting. In this part of Almería visitors can enjoy cross country skiing, free if the crouds found in other winter sport areas.

Mountain biking

People who can boast of being in excellent physical condition as well as of their biking skill enjoy mountain bking alog rugged, and less rugged, bike routes, as they choose, in the most unspoilt areas of the province like Sierra Nevada, Filabres, Almanzora, Sierra Cabrera and Sierra María - Los Vélez.

Microlight and paragliding

Eastern Almería is the best area to practice air sports using microlights and paragliders. Visitors who come to Almería with the intention of freeing themselves of excess adrenalin will no doubt and go straight to Los Vélez. Of course, non-professionals should always carefully follow monitors´ instructions.


Every type of boat, from large to small, come together at many marinas dotted all along the coast of Almería, each a starting point from which to sail out and ply the waters of the Mediterranean.


The varied sea life, as well as the unspoilt character of its beaches and natural areas, makes the Cabo de Gata - Níjar and Levante zones perfect oases for the practice of skin and scuba diving. Authorisation from the AMA is pre-requisite for diving in the National Park of Cabo de Gata - Níjar.

Walking the Nature Trails

The open spaces of the province are ideal for nature walking. There are innumerable trails for the practice of this sports, such GR-7, the European trail that joins Algeciras with Greece, and passes through the mountain pass of La Ragua mountain Pass.

Nature-cultural trails can also be followed, like the archaeological trail at Los Millares, and the wine route through the most important wineries in the area, as well as short routes through many towns of the province.

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