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Granada villages - Motril

The waters of the Mediterranean bathe the coast of Granada. This area has been a historic gateway for the most varied civilizations, from the Phoenicians who founded Sexi - now Almuñécar - and Salambina - now Salobreña - to Abd al-Rahman I, who established the Hummeyad Emirate of Al-Andalus.

The subtropical climate of the coast and its calm and warm waters make it an ideal place for all kinds of water sports. Diving enthusiasts can enjoy one of the most beautiful sea bottoms of the Andalusian coastline.

There are also three nude beaches. Cantarriján and El Muerto are near Almuñécar, whereas La Joya is near Motril.

Motril is the second highest town in the province after Granada. Visitors will enjoy its sunny beaches, exquisite tropical products and the heritage of its long history, in the shape of churches, hermitages, civil buildings and the Museum of Sugar, devoted to the sugar cane, which was the main industry of the city for centuries. The fish harbour is one of the most attractive places in town.

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