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Granada trekking routes - Guadix

La Hoya de Guadix- Jerez de Marquesado. Granada trekking routes

Time: Two hours.

Guadix town, of great monumental and tourist interest and of incredible beauty, is our starting point.

We shall start from the caves in Guadix, going to the south, where we take the track wich branches off sowtheastwards, leaving the inhabited caves on the right. After crossing an olive grove and a brook, there is a junction wich we shall take to the left, until it links with a bigger track wich comes up on the right.

If we make our way along it, we reach a cross-roads with branches off into four tracks toward Gregorio´s hermitage. We must take the track which turns to the right until reaching Cogollos de Guadix.

Southeast of Cogollos we shall arrive at Santa Constanza´s pits, and from there, along a junction to the left, we shall go straight to Jerez de Marquesado, where our route ends.

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