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Granada trekking routes - Trevelez

Las Alpujarras and la Contraviesa. Trévelez - Trévelez mountain pass. Granada trekking routes

Time: Five hours.

We arrive at Trévelez from Granada along the national road nº 313 from Lanjarón, after having passed Capileira.

We shall leave the town through the Cañada Real (Royal Hill) of Trévelez, which makes its way to the river, developing its route parallel to it.

Farther, we cross the river and, after having left it on our left, we shall cross the prairies towards a junction with we must take to the left in order to reach Los Tejos de Peña, The Olla de Tonto, etc. Then, we shall arrive without difficulty at Trévelez´s mountains pass, walking along the well-designed Cañada Real.

The mountain, 2788 m. high, is between Trévelez mountain pass and Piedra Ladrona.

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