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Malaga Airport Car Paking

We can offer you, car parking at malaga Airport, leave your car in our parking, just out side malaga airport and forget about expensive bills. Since 1999 we've been given car hire services at malaga airport and also indoor car hire parking to our clients, but two years ago we opened our door to the public, with competitive prices, and the best services (indoor parking, full insurance, cortesy car, open all day everyday.....)

- Indoor parking
- Open all day, everyday
- Fully insurancee cars
- Free cortesy car.
- Car servicing

Malaga Airport parking Fares:

Malaga Airport Parking

up to 30 days

1 month

2 to 5 months

6 to 11 months

One year or more

Minimum Services

€ 7 / day

€ 200

€ 135 / month

€ 105 / month

€ 85 / month

€ 35

Other services at Malaga airport

complete car wash
(exterior and interior)

€ 15

If you need more information please,contact us at 600.523.523

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