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Things to do at Malaga

Costa del Sol Sunrise

When the morning sun lights up your face, you know that a new day awaits you. Not just any old day, though. A day on in the Costa del Sol.

A full menu about the different things that to do in the Malaga province have been designed at the end of this page.

Perhaps you feel in the mood for a fairytale experience, as if you were a child again. If it is the case, then ahead with one of the many theme parks to be found in the province, one of its water parks, for example. However, if you prefer to stay dry, there are a whole host of other things that you can do: take a cable car ride above the areas of immense natural beauty, discover and astonishing range of animal species or try your hand at the wheel of a kart.

Malaga City Center

On the other hand, if what you really want is to feel like a child wearing new shoes, then it is time to go shopping: a shirt, a CD… any little whim that makes you happy. Walk avidly along every street, around every shop and shopping centre, for here you are sure to discover whatever you are looking for, or even something that you never expected to find.

Malaga Ride Horse

And to make sure that you show off your new clothes to their best advantage, why not get yourself into shape and start the adrenaline flowing. The Costa del Sol is the ideal place to do just that. If you long to experience the intense emotions that the Mediterranean Sea has in store, then put on your neoprene suit and choose from surfing, kite surfing and windsurfing. If sails are your thing, then why not use them cruise the skies with a paragliders or hang glider. And this is not all: climbing, diving, hiking, horse riding and, of course, golf, plenty of golf, all await you.

Malaga Gibralfaro View

To round off the day, what could be better than to lie down on cool grass surrounded by nature? Huge gardens, parks and locations of incredible natural beauty provide the most spectacular of Malaga province’s many charms. The following image is taken at Malaga city center.

A source of vital energy to ensure that you end the day with a smile as you think of all that awaits you tomorrow when the Mediterranean sun shines on your face once more.

Things to do in Malaga

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