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Paintball Malaga

It is very particular and enjoyable and for the older ones this play means go back to the time when playing to battles were the best way to spend the time. The way of playing is very simple: the group of friends is divided in two equal groups. Normally organizers advice groups to be made of a minimum of eight people in order to be divided into four players per group. However, this not a requirement but helps to be more enjoyable. Nevertheless, the maximum number of players is not limited, so you can even organize plays with 50 or more players per group. Each person will carry a gun (usually made of plastic but copying the real ones) that shoots paint balls to the players of the enemy group. The team that first catches the flag or achieves to eliminate all the players of the other team wins. It is possible that you think that paintball is a sport where physic strength is the most important condition however it is not. The most important thing is the capacity to think, organize the group and prepare the strategy.

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