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Malaga Racecourse

The starting shot for the beginning of the race sounds. The boxes are opened and a dust clowd invades the track while pure blooded horses gallop at high speed with agile and perfect movements.

They have the ability to compenetrate astonishingly with the jockey. That’s like horse races are: a magnificent show. Even more in Malaga, because the privileged climatic allocation makes it possible to enjoy this kind of event during the whole year. In autumn-winter and springtime competitions are held during the day. In summertime it is slightly different: the night starts to play a leading role and racetrack becomes the unavoidable meeting point. But there are also plenty of good opportunities offered during the day, even in summertime. We are speaking about an immense leisure complex that offers more than just races. Children, teenagers and adults who are fond of equestrian sport can take riding, tame or jumping lessons. These are held on the precinct itself. In addition, the racetrack counts with a gymnasium, a running track for athletics and pools. Not in vain its facilities are considered of the best ones in Southern Spain. The two sand tracks of 1,700 and 1,600 metres length and both 24 metres wide are equipped with sprinklers in order to facilitate its maintenance. Irish, Swedish and English horses are stabled in 322 boxes.

At the present, Mijas racetrack is considered to be the best in Spain and occupies an important position in Europe.

Hipodromo de Mijas.
Urbanizacion El Chaparral.
La Cala de Mijas (Mijas Costa)
Tlf. 952592700

Races during summertime: Saturdays 22:00h.
Races during wintertime: Sundays 11:30h.

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