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Lagoons of Fuente de Piedra

Fuente Piedra Lagoons

The lagoons, as well as the Serrania del Torcal, have been declared by the European Union “special zone for the protection of birds”. The lagoon of Fuente Piedra is, with its 1,300 hectares, the biggest one in Andalusia. The 30 different species that compose the bird fauna and the fact that the pink flamingo likes to nest here, gives this place its high ecological value. We are speaking about the second most important flamingo colony in Europe, following the Camargue in France.
One of the most spectacular and emotional moments offered by this natural reserve is the time when the brood of the pink and slender bird is ringed. This action takes place approximately in mid July and is undertaken by around 300 people including volunteers, coaches, veterinary surgeons and biologists. The sun has not yet risen when the gawky birds are enclosed with the help of a human ring and driven into a improvised yard. Afterwards, they are all one by one measured, checked for their weight, ringed and finally again released. In this way their habits, field of action and population can be controlled. During this process the adult flamingos have left, as they do every day, for another place in other to feed themselves and then return the same day to the lagoon to nourish now the youngs. The may have flied up to 200 kilometres a day. The Reserva Natural de Fuente de Piedra counts with a Centro de Interpretación Audiovisual (Information Centre with audio-visual aids) that is visited by more than 65,000 persons a year.

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