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Maro's Cliffs

Maro Beach

The coast line of twelve kilometres length that links the two shore villages of Almuñecar (Granada) and Nerja is known as the beautiful nature reserve of Maro’s Cliff.

Small, virgin bays where only the breaking waves and the seagulls squawking can interrupt the silence. They have been the inspiration of many artists and a haven of pleasure for those who are looking for a different way to enjoying the sea and beaches that are perfect to practice diving or simply to have a calm bath.

Maro Malaga Mysterious underwater caves, magic waterfalls, corners that have not yet been discovered and where it is possible to share the intimacy of the reserve. Everything is part of Maro’s Cliff, rich in flora and endemic fauna. The seabed’s vegetation is composed of different species, standing out the seaweeds called posidonias. Genuine fields of an important biological complexity that is vital for the subsistence of the fishes that do comfort themselves in it. Anemones, sponges and corals, though they might look like sea flowers, are actually invertebrate animals that are very abundant in this zone.

You can also find plentiful different fish species: scorpion fish, muraena, grouper and gilthed. Or different crustaceans like shrimps, spider crabs and lobster. But unfortunately there are also some threaten species: rorquals, dolphins and some turtle species. Life in profusion, perfectly designed by the careful hands of Mother Nature.

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