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Malaga Trekking


Route: Malaga - 9

Location: Hoya de Antequera - Antequera - Peñón of The Enamorados.

The wonderful of this route lies in visiting the most important prehistoric remains in Andalusia, and in the power of the landscape in The Hoya de Antequera, of great tourist interest.
We shall leave Antequera along the road to Archidona. About 1Km. farther, to the left, we shall find La Cueva de Viera ( Viera´s cave), with dolmens and beautiful stones.
1 km. Farther, on the way to Archidona, we shall find Menga´s cave, 25 km. long , probably the most important and best preserved Dolmen among those existing.
After having walked for about 3Km. mores, the Dolmen of the Romeral is found on the left, an incredible sepulchral Megalitic monument of great cultural interest, wich has been declared national monument.
Farther, after having passed a crossroads wich we must take to the left, we shall walk on towards Ronda. On the way we shall find the surprising Peña de los Enamorados, so called for a legend wich tells of two lovers who jumped embraced to the void form the top of the peak.
The ascents isn't difficult, but some caution is requiered.

Exploring Malaga

  • Abdalajis - El Chorro
  • Abdalajis - Guadalhorce
  • Antequera - Camorro
  • Antequera - Enamorao
  • Fuenta de Piedra
  • Rutas Pedestres
  • El Chorro
  • Sierra Almijara
  • Palenciana - El Tejar
  • Sauceda - Aljiber
  • Peñon del Buitre
  • Cañada de las carnicerias
  • Sierra Nieves - Enamorao
  • Peñon de Ronda
  • Ronda Road
  • Mijas Peak
  • Competa - Sierra Almijara
  • Estepona - Picos Reales
  • Guadalhorce
  • Libar - Benaojan
  • Señora Nieves
  • Torrecilla
  • Velez Peak
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