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Malaga Trekking


Route: Malaga - 5

Location: Sierra del Aljibe. La Sauceda-Pico (peak) del Aljibe.

Leaving The Sauceda houses, we shall take the track witch on the right-the left as we go upwards-of the brook leads to the Posada Llana gorge.
This road is surrounded by a dense cork oak grove, of great ecologic richness, with bushes that thicken the woods even more.
When reaching a sharp bend on the right, we shall arrive at the hermitage and, before crossing the river, we must walk straight on until reaching El Puerto del Roble hill, where there's another track wich we shall take to the reight and walk on until passing a fountain of rich waters. We shall walk on upwards until reaching a point where the track stars to descend. This can be our starting point to prepare the climb of the Pico del Aljibe.
Here the woods thicken with vegetation, so we should walk up along the edge to our left, and after crossing an area thicker with vegetation, we shall make our way along a wall of stone.
Thus, we first shall reach a peak before The Aljibe, better known as TheSillita de la Reina, 1092 m. High, after having crossed a thick brushwood.

Exploring Malaga

  • Abdalajis - El Chorro
  • Abdalajis - Guadalhorce
  • Antequera - Camorro
  • Antequera - Enamorao
  • Fuenta de Piedra
  • Rutas Pedestres
  • El Chorro
  • Sierra Almijara
  • Palenciana - El Tejar
  • Sauceda - Aljiber
  • Peñon del Buitre
  • Cañada de las carnicerias
  • Sierra Nieves - Enamorao
  • Peñon de Ronda
  • Ronda Road
  • Mijas Peak
  • Competa - Sierra Almijara
  • Estepona - Picos Reales
  • Guadalhorce
  • Libar - Benaojan
  • Señora Nieves
  • Torrecilla
  • Velez Peak
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