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Malaga Trekking


Route: Malaga - 14

Location: Sierra de las Nieves. Los Quejigales
Peñón ( Rock) de Ronda.

We shall leave The Quejigales country house along the same lane that led us here, walking on past a mountain chain.
The track makes its way steeply up towards Los Quejigales mountain pass. Here, the landscape changes from pine to fir trees. After having reached the mountain pass, we shall leave the track in order to reach 2 gorges. We must take the first one climbing down to a hill from where the Peñón de Ronda can be seen.
We must then on along a track wich crosses a few valleys, from where we still can see the Rock and a farm house at the foot.
The Peñón is accessible from different slopes, through the southern side, described in the route MA- 13, is the best.

Exploring Malaga

  • Abdalajis - El Chorro
  • Abdalajis - Guadalhorce
  • Antequera - Camorro
  • Antequera - Enamorao
  • Fuenta de Piedra
  • Rutas Pedestres
  • El Chorro
  • Sierra Almijara
  • Palenciana - El Tejar
  • Sauceda - Aljiber
  • Peñon del Buitre
  • Cañada de las carnicerias
  • Sierra Nieves - Enamorao
  • Peñon de Ronda
  • Ronda Road
  • Mijas Peak
  • Competa - Sierra Almijara
  • Estepona - Picos Reales
  • Guadalhorce
  • Libar - Benaojan
  • Señora Nieves
  • Torrecilla
  • Velez Peak
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