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Crocodile Park Torremolinos

Who could image seeing such a prehistoric animal as a crocodile living in Costa del Sol? Now there are exactly 300 specimens who live in Torremolinos Crocodile Park. Here we will learn more about the life and the survival of this predator. It is a saurian that has survived 200 million years of evolution. Crocodile can press with their jaws with strength of 14,000 kg. They will show 63 teeth when they will be fed during visits. There are little crocodiles but also huge specimens such a “Paco” the crocodile from the Nile. It is five metres long and has a weight of 600 kg. to be scared during the guide explanations is common there because those predators, only a few metres away, will surround us. A good souvenir would be a picture with a good crocodile in our hands. The African decoration is also remarkable: huts, books, vegetation, wood bridges and another animals such as: emus, guinea fowls, ducks, dwarf goats, deer and racoons, some of them walking along the way and other in mini-zoos. Funny fauna when we look at reptiles.

We will learn more about crocodiles in the Crocodile Museum: habitat, biology, habits but also in the media hall through unique documentaries. The collection of tools of Masais, Zulus and African bushman will be amazing for visitors but also decoration objects made in the heart of Africa and sold in the souvenir shop. A primitive way of life lived in Crocodile Park, a unique thematic park in Europe.

Crocodile Park
C/Cuba, 14
Tlf. 952051782

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