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Selwo Aventura Estepona

Selwo Aventura Malaga

More than 2,000 animals coming from five Continents live together in semi-freedom in an area of around 100 hectares. That area belongs to Selwo Costa del Sol, a unique natural park in Europe, located in Estepona.

The route along this wild land is a real adventure. The first thing we see is a lake enclosed by the tropical botanic reserve. This is the nature gate. We surround the lake and we leave behind primates, parrots and hippos. Then we can reach the birds’ canyon. There, ibis, cranes and pheasants spread their colours along 30m high and 300m long of impressive defile. When we get out of the canyon the landscapes changes completely. We will cross a wood bridge 16m high while we see down us camels, buffalos and deer. The nest stop is in the main village.

Tirolina Malaga

The bat cavern, the reptile area featuring amazing pythons and anacondas and the aviary with nice toucans. In the village we will get a 4x4 vehicle to go through the valley route or the savannah route, the choice is up to us. The first one has bears, lions, tigers and bison along the way. The second route features zebras, antelopes, rhinoceros and gazelles. The savannah route ends in the African settlement. Adventurers have two options there: to rest or to take pictures of giraffes, small kangaroos or the great elephant. Visitors who want to spend more time in Selwo Aventura may sleep in ecological lodgings. There are 13 charming log cabins located in one of the park viewpoints. Children will discover the mysteries of the wild fauna in the nature hall and the most audacious visitors may practise archery or Tyrolese bridge.

Selwo Aventura
Lomas del Monte
N - 340. km.165,5
Tlf. 902190482
Summer Opening: 10-21h.
Winter Opening: 10-18h.

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