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Fuengirola Zoo

Orangutan Malaga

To represent a complex ecosystem of a whole continent in some square meters in very difficult but not impossible.

This is an achievement of one of the most important zoos in Europe because its special features. Fuengirola zoo has different atmospheres such as tropical woods, equatorial Africa and south eastern Asia. There is a 26m high imitation Baobab, an African tree, in the main gate. The Madagascar island gate is the little paradise for lemurs. If we follow the bamboo path, we will get into the monsoon woods of south eastern Asia. Reservoirs, temples and vegetation show us all type of beautiful rare animals. An old mine shelters animals such as the flying fox, the great bat that eats flowers nectar and the crowned pigeon that has turkey size. At the bottom of the waterfall, the bank wood shows us its inhabitants: peacocks from Java, tapirs from Malaysia and the cassowary that is the oldest bird over the Earth. The antics of chimpanzees or the cheeks of the otter are appropriated for visitors. There are more than 70 species in the zoo. We can not forget the strips of the tiger from Sumatra located in the imitation of the Angkor temple.

Zoo Malaga

There are only 400 tigers like that living in freedom. A European program of captivity breed also protects other animals. This zoo is working with this program. In the long list of the Fuengirola zoo animals we have the orang-utan, the leopard of Sri-Lanka, the pigmy hippo and the antelope that has the size of a cat. The huge gorilla, the first gorilla in Andalusia, is part of the ambitious and constructive project to protect animals. Many of these protected species have breed in the zoo. This is an evidence of the excellent conditions of the zoo facilities. This infrastructure is completed with the “enchanted wood”, stands from where we can see a performance of life in the woods during a day and a full moon night plenty of animals. All of that makes this zoo to be the first zoo in Europe designed with a zoo-diving concept where the contact between animals and humans is direct.

Zoo Fuengirola
C/ Camilo Jose Cela, 6
Tlf. 952666301
Openning: 10 am-12 pm.

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